Web Development with WordPress

About WordPress Training Course

WordPress is the biggest website creation tools available in the market today. This WordPress Training Course you will gain full expertise in the installation, configuration and setup of WordPress. This course also includes SEO, Blog Design, web design creation of content, managing work with wordpress Plugins.

What will you learn in this training course?

  • Introduction to WordPress and its features.
  • Creating, managing and maintaining the website
  • Advance web Design in WordPress
  • Deploy wordpress Security

Who should take up this training course?

  • Website Builders
  • WordPress Developers
  • Bloggers
  • Anybody interested in WordPress

What are the Prerequisites for taking up this training course?

Anybody can participate on this course who have interest in web design, However a basic knowledge of HTML and PHP can be helpful.

Why should you take up this WordPress training course?

  • 48% of Technorati‚Äôs top 100 blogs are managed with WordPress
  • 26% of all websites globally use WordPress platform
  • Due to the increased need for brands to get on the digital platforms, there is a requirement for WordPress professionals who can manage the digital presence of brands.

WordPress For Beginner

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